Sassoferrato - Marche Region - Italy
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Rotondo and Albornoz Castles

Sassoferrato, a timeless journey in history

Rotondo Castle

The first note about the castle or the fortress of Rotondo dates back to a 1078 document.

In 1365, the Spanish cardinal Egidio Albornoz, sent by the Pope to the Marche region to restore the temporal power of the Holy See, threw the Atti Family out and commissioned the construction of the Fortress in the main town Sassoferrato with the confiscated goods and possibly even the Rotondo’s one.

In 1552 under the order of Giulio the III the fortress was armed.

Renovated in 1954 by the Superintendence of monuments, it was ripped open in the top part by a lightning some year later.

The latest renovation in 2015 made the reopening possible , that once again becomes accessible and where one can enjoy a breath taking view of the surroundings and even the Adriatic sea.

Albornoz Fortress

Massive military building that dates back to 14th  century, it represents the emblem of the city, both for its imposing location in a predominant position, and for its history.

It was made in 1365 under the orders of cardinal Egidio Albornoz, papal legate, with the money earned from selling goods he confiscated to the Atti Family of Sassoferrato.

Renovated in different eras, the Fortress represented a defensive bastion extremely important for the area. Thanks to the latest renovation, its imposing remains can still be admired.

While cleaning the inside, during one the recovery action, locally produced ceramic of the end of 16th  century and artillery remains were discovered.

From the top of the  park that surrounds the fortress you can admire a wide and fascinating landscape.

The surrounding area represents an ideal place  for people seeking for calm and children’s entertainment