Sassoferrato - Marche Region - Italy
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MAM’S Contemporary Art Gallery

Sassoferrato, a timeless journey in history

Set up in the wide and elegant rooms of Palazzo degli Scalzi, a 17th century building in Piazza Gramsci, in the middle of Borgo’s historic center, the art gallery includes 680 of the four thousand works supplied to the City. The whole collection is the result of the acquisitions made during  over sixty years of history of the Rassegna Internazionale d’Arte/ Premio “G.B, Salvi”, one of the most enduring and prestigious visual art’s national events, named after the 17th century‘s great painter , Giovan Battista Salvi, known worldwide as ‘Il Sassoferrato’.

Opened on the 6th of April 2014, the museum, highly requested by the City of Sassoferrato, was created to meet the necessity of preserving the works and to exhibit them to the public.

The collection comprehends 320 exhibited works, such as paintings, graphic art and sculptures: 200 are kept in the accessible storage behind the exhibition walls, some of them can be opened, and 160 graphic works are digitalized and viewable.

The museum has also a conference hall and other eight rooms that can be used for workshops and meetings.

The exhibition walls, like the old painting collections, are completely covered by art works and are illustrated with quotes taken from 20th century artist’s written works, whose words bring back a presence and a model for today’s artists.

The layout is thematic; each wall is indeed made like a hypothetic exhibit, with the possibility to change overtime, and taking advantage of the new acquisitions.

Each room was designed as a space to host workshops, conferences, concerts, lectures, artistic educational experiences.

Therefore , a prestigious collection that gathers works of numerous artists, some of whom have established themselves  nationally and internationally , contributing in ‘writing ’ (imprinting) last century history of art.

Visits can be booked at the Tourist Office, max 24 hours in advance