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Saint Teresa of Avila’s Church

Sassoferrato, a timeless journey in history

Saint Teresa of Avila’s Church is located inside Merolli Palace. The Palace ,since the late renaissance period , is situated on pre-existing medieval structures and it is named after the constructor that built it at the beginning of 17th century , Vittorio Merolli, Pope Paul the V’s personal doctor and illuminated patron. Initially, itwas the home of the Merolli’s family, and could have been the Palace of Jesuits, but  but they refused the offer.

In mid-17th century the so-called “Carmelitani Scalzi” (bare feet Carmelite) arrived. ( hence the name ‘Palazzo degli Scalzi’ which is the common name used to identify the palace) , and in their honour the Church was built, in baroque style, dedicated to Saint Teresa of Avila, also called ‘degli Scalzi’. The order was suppressed in 1810, so the building once again became the residency of aristocratic families.