Sassoferrato - Marche Region - Italy
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San Francesco Church

Sassoferrato, a timeless journey in history

The construction of the San Francesco’s Church seems to date back to the 13th century;  it is said that Saint Francesco himself wanted the church or, at least, it was built where he used to pray.

The first certain testimony of its existence came from a 1248 Seal of Innocenzo IV.

Now the church presents a central nave covered by wooden truss, at the end of which there is a circular apse. On both sides of the apse there are two chapels that give the church a Latin cross-shaped plant

Blessed Alessandro Vincioli, bishop of Nocera, is buried inside the church. He died in 1362 and there is a fresco with is picture above his tomb.  Some of the artworks preserved in the church are: an Ercole Ramazzani’s altarpiece, a Francesco Guerrieri ‘s Circumcision and a painted cross of Giuliano da Rimini, as well as works made by Pietro Paolo Agabiti , painter, architect and sculptor born in Sassoferrato around 1470.