Sassoferrato - Marche Region - Italy
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Santa Maria del Ponte del Piano’s church

Sassoferrato, a timeless journey in history

Santa Maria del Ponte del Piano’s church got its name from the near bridge built in the roman era, whose remains, at the time of its construction, were probably still visible.

Mentioned in a 14th  century document, itseems that it was built by Augustinian monks that lived in the monastery until 1810, and then in 1821 were replaced by the Silvestrini monks.

Through time it was subjected to changes and the front, that is still visible nowadays, was commissioned in 1618 by Vittorio Merolli, illustrious figure of Sassoferrato, Pope Paul V’s personal doctor and illuminated patron.

Pope Paul V was also involved with the enlargement of the church.  From 1842, the church hosts the corpse of Blessed Ugo, protector of Sassoferrato.

There are significant paintings in the church including: a Nativity and a Virgin with Saints both by Pietro Paolo Agabiti, (painter, sculptor and architect born in Sassoferrato around 1470); a fresco of Tarquinio Salvi , father of the famous Giovan Battista; and two paintings by Ercole Ramazzani: one with Saint Catherine of Alessandria and the other is Presentation in the Temple.

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