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The Parish church of Saint Peter apostle

Sassoferrato, a timeless journey in history

The Parish church of Saint Peter apostle is attributable to the original feudal castle, already known thanks to Celestino III‘s papal edict (1191), and likely built in a Romanesque-gothic stile. It gained relevance when in 1580 bishop Mannelli named it “Collegiata Insigne”, with the parish priest nominated as archpriest in addition with eleven canons.

In 1680, the building fell apart completely and the structure visible today is the result of renovation works and enlargement made from 1710 to 1717, the year of the new consecration.

After the earthquake of 1997, the church suffered considerable damage and, after many restauration works and renovation, the building was reopened for worship on the 1st  of November 2002.

Today, it is characterized by a white block front and a staircase to reach the door (even though the church is accessible from the side), while the inside, made of a single nave, shows a semi-circular apse and lateral chapels.

Annexed to the church there is the Episcopal Palace of the 16th  century.

On its inside there are paintings and sculptures by, among others, Filippo Bellini ( Virgin and Saints), Pietro Paolo Agabiti (Delivery of the Keys to Saint Peter – a Christening made in ceramic) , Ernst Van Shayck (Virgin with Saints – Immaculate Conception ) , Piergentile from Matelica and Veneziano from Camerino ( triptych).

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